Monday, May 31, 2010

working in studio

So yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I have not bloged in forever and a day.
I have however been working in my studio. A great thing. I have made one starfish pendant, and a ring and a half (soon to be two rings.) So this along with working 40 hours has left me with very little time to blog lately.
Going though my studio I found hidden treasures. Large pieces of jet, amber, turquoise, and stones from Rhode Island. Great treasures were found. I of course had to immediately use some of them. I laid them out and decided to carve a jet and turquoise sea urchin. I am planning on making them into rings. I also thought I would make a small series of sea urchins to help me get back in to the groove.

I did not have a studio for almost two years and I forgot how much I love to carve stone. It's just amazing. If there is one thing that relaxes me it's carving stone. I do make quite the mess when carving but there is nothing better.

I will post pictures as soon as I have some completed pieces. This is one of me and the large piece of turquoise that I forgot about.

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