Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Well I am pretty much settled in here. The apartment looks cute and feels like home. I am missing a studio. It just did not fit into the apartment. At first I was really bummed and started looking for studio spaces but I just could not find anything close or affordable. Now I have decided it's ok and I will just wait. I am only living here for a year and then we are planning on buying a house. I will just make sure that there is an excellent place for my studio. So for now this gives me time to read lots of books and do lots of research. To be perfectly honest, I think that it is better than jumping right in and not knowing what I am doing entirely. So I will just take a deep breath and move on with life. I will leave this post with a tranquil picture of Clearwater beach FL that my mom took.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I have been doing a lot of sight seeing in Florida so I thought I would post some pictures.
Click on the pictures they get so big!

This is a non-poisonous Banana Spider.
It's about 4-5 inches around (with legs.)
Very scary but so amazing!

Bald Cypress Tree with Spanish moss
on the edge of lake Louisa
Spanish moss on trees

Beauty berry tree. I like how the leaves
are growing out of the Purple berries.

I believe this is a painted lady butterfly.

Fire to burn the brush. They do these extreemly controlled. they
light them with flame throwers.
That is all I have for now.

Monday, October 6, 2008

All moved... well sort of... but happy!

Yes this is all our stuff.... amazing how they packed it! they have stuff packed in sections and know where it is... our stuff is all in this part of the truck. The movers were unbelievable going up to the third floor and down and back up and down I don't even know how many times! quote from the mover (Barnard who did all the grunt work) "This says clothes on it but it feels like you left the bodies in them clothes!" humm it was kinda heavy wasn't it oops... the other mover aka Driver brought the couch up BY HIMSELF!!! We were all in the appartment and the driver came up the stairs with the couch on his back! the other mover banard said "Wooh wooh man let me take the other end for you." Driver: "oh it's ok I was shifting it in the truch and it felt light. I though I'll just bring this up." Unbeliveable! So now it is all here finaly! and life in boxes continues.
It is just lovely here high 80's and right now at night time it is 75. I love it here so much. Lizards everyware! (love em!) and I went out and bought a palm tree and a key lime tree for the lanai (porch) and it already has a lime and many more are comming i'm so excited. I took some pictures out the window of palm trees blowing in the wind and one is of the storm coming in. I will take a picture of my prized lime tomorrow.