Monday, September 22, 2008

This is Moe and Bernie. We have had Moe for about 4 years and Bernie for 3 weeks though he is four years older than Moe. It is an interesting experience owning two birds with VERY different personality's and yet they look like twins. It's going to be an eventful trip with both of them in a fully packed car as we drive 1000 miles to our new home in Florida. I'm sure there will be lovely whistles and squawks along the way. Wish us all luck!
Maybe when I get my studio back up and running I can make some cockatiel earrings! It would commemorate the trip and I miss making jewelery!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Work

Finally took pictures of my new work (click on them they get HUGE!) I wish my studio was still set up... this stinks, I just want to move now!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Little Hello

This is Jess and I am a jeweler living in Philly PA and moving to Florida in two weeks. I am soon to be known as a Floridian I suppose. It is an exciting time as my husband and I wade through the sea of boxes that make up our apartment. It is also a very scary time... Moving to a new area of the country basically alone no family to lean on and on top of that I have no job, in the sense that I would be working for another jeweler (as a slave). I have decided at the young age of 25 that it is time for me to become independent, and so I have been hard at work trying my best to create a website to showcase my jewelry works. though as of now it is not really much of anything. so don't go clicking the link yet... If you are really itching to see what I can do is old work that I did in and shortly after college. But be forewarned the new work is very very different. Give me a few more weeks and you will begin to see my new work and be able to purchase it as well. How exciting! Well wish me luck... I need all I can get and check that link again later.