Monday, May 17, 2010

clean house, clean mind

So we have been living in our house for about six months now. We seem to still be unpacking. Today we tackled some of the mess. One being my closet which seemed to be the dumping grounds for all the clothes we had packed (most being mine of course). I guess it has been really bothering me but, I had no energy to tackle it. Today I decided to dive in head first! I feel so much better about it all.
I just need to do the same thing in my studio. We use the studio closet to store Christmas stuff and the thousands of dishes I have from the wedding. I think I need to get in there next and really organize it to a "T". Tomorrow I'm going to pull everything out and reorganize it so that it all fits and is easy to get to. Once my house is all put together I think I will have time to work in my studio and guilt free at that.
clean house!
Picture of my closet, hooray for cleaning.

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